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Dear Duquesne Fans and Supporters,

Duquesne University prides itself on the success of our Athletics programs. We are fortunate to have both excellent student-athletes and experienced coaching staffs that represent this institution in a positive manner.

The NCAA has specific rules and regulations pertaining to the interaction between the supporters of our program and our student-athletes. It is the responsibility of the University's Department of Athletics to provide you with information that helps you to navigate through these ever-changing guidelines.

As a resource for both members of our department, as well as alumni, boosters and fans who provide valued support for Duquesne Athletics, we have created this basic guide for the NCAA Division I standards that are associated with competing at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics. It focuses primarily on the stipulations involved in the recruitment of student-athletes and any dealings with our currently enrolled student-athletes.

The Dukes are grateful to have such loyal and devoted fans! If you have questions or concerns regarding any NCAA rules, please do not hesitate to contact our Athletics Compliance Office at (412) 396-4917.

Thank you and GO DUKES!



Who is considered a "booster"?

A representative of the institution's athletics interests, or more commonly referred to as a "Booster", is an individual, independent agency, corporate entity or other organization who is known (or who should have been known) by a member of the institution's executive or athletics administration to:

  • Have participated in or to be a member of an agency or organization promoting the institution's intercollegiate athletics program
  • Have made financial contributions to the athletics department or to an athletics booster organization
  • Assisting or to have been requested (by the athletics department staff) to assist in the recruitment of prospects; (i.e. provide lodging, meals, transportation to a Duquesne Athletics Coach)
  • Have been involved otherwise in promoting the institution's athletics program.
  • Contributed to the Department of Athletics in general, to any of its sports programs, and/or to its boost organizations (e.g. Duquesne Athletic Fund)
  • Hold, or have ever held, DU season tickets for any sport
  • Have a guardianship role over a student-athlete (i.e. parent or legal guardian)
  • Provide allowable benefits (e.g. summer job) to enrolled student-athletes

Once you become a Booster, you maintain this status forever.



Boosters and the Recruiting Process

In general, Duquesne Athletics Boosters can not be involved in the recruiting process of prospective student-athletes to Duquesne University. The NCAA defines a prospective student-athlete (i.e. recruit) as a student that has started classes for the ninth grade. A student remains a prospective student-athlete until the start of college classes or an official team practice at Duquesne. Signing a National Letter of Intent with the Dukes does not remove the status/title of the recruit being considered a prospective student-athlete.

Permissible Booster Activities

  • Viewing a prospective student-athlete's game on your own initiative
  • Receiving a call from a prospective student-athlete, only he/she initiates the call and it is not for the purpose of recruitment.
  • Continuing to have contact with an established family friend or neighbor who is a prospective student-athlete
  • Notifying the Duquesne coaching staff of outstanding prospective student-athletes.

Impermissible Booster Activities

  • Contact or call a prospective student-athlete, their parent, coach, principal, or school counselor for recruiting purposes
  • Assist with the actual evaluation of a recruit's talents.
  • Provide a prospective student-athlete with a perceived impermissible benefit (e.g. cash, loans, gifts, discounts on merchandise and/or services, hospitality in your home, or tickets to an athletic or other events).



Boosters and Student-Athletes

Boosters may not provide student-athletes with "extra benefits". Violations of this regulation will result in the student-athlete being declared ineligible, with one of the conditions involving the student-athlete's eligibility being reinstated is the repayment of the value of the extra benefit(s) received.

An extra benefit is any special gift or arrangement provided to a student-athlete, or student-athlete's friend or family member that is not available to the general student body at Duquesne. Examples of extra benefits are:

  • Cash, gifts, awards, loans
  • Use of an automobile
  • Free of discounted services and merchandise
  • Use of a telephone or credit card
  • Tickets to Duquesne Athletics events

Boosters Employing Student-Athletes

Student-athletes are permitted to earn legitimate on- and off-campus employment income during the regular academic year as well as during the University's official vacation periods and the summer.

A Booster is permitted to intercede on behalf of an enrolled student-athlete who is looking to secure employment provided:

  • The student-athlete may not receive any remuneration for the value or utility that the student-athlete may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, fame, or personal following he/she has obtained because of athletic ability
  • The student-athlete is compensated only for work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with that received by similarly situated employees (e.g. part-time, seasonal) performing the same or similar work.



Support DU Athletics

How To Support Duquesne Student-Athletes as a Booster

  • Contribute money to the Duquesne Athletic Fund
  • Buy season/game tickets and support the teams from the stands
  • If you live outside of the Pittsburgh area, contact the Duquesne Athletics Compliance Office regarding a donation of reasonable entertainment (e.g. meal, game tickets) for student-athletes while they are at an away from home competition. Nothing may be given directly to a student-athlete - all donations must be approved through the Department of Athletics and its Compliance Office
  • Provide employment for a student-athlete, ensuring to follow the rules and procedures.


Thank you for your Support of Duquesne Athletics!

NCAA rules are the responsibility of everyone from student-athletes to administrators to boosters. In order to learn more about NCAA rules and how they may affect Duquesne University Athletics, please visit the Duquesne Athletics NCAA Compliance web site at:


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