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Ten Athletics Programs Post Perfect APR Scores in 2015-16
May 10, 2017

NCAA 2017 APR Trends Report

PITTSBURGH - Duquesne's varsity athletics programs posted an average multi-year Academic Progress Rate (APR) of 984.3 - above the national average of 981 - according to the latest report released by the National Collegiate Athletic Association on May 10. Twelve of the 15 Duquesne programs that were scored finished at or above the national average for their sport.

Every Duquesne athletic program scored above 952 in the latest report (women's indoor and outdoor track were scored as one program and DU's first-year women's bowling program was not included), with 12 showing an improvement from last year. Men's and women's basketball had the largest jump in multi-year rate at plus 20 points for each program. Women's tennis (+18), men's soccer (+14), women's lacrosse (+11), women's cross country (+10) and women's soccer (+10) also showed a double-digit, multi-year improvement.

Teams must earn a 930 four-year average APR to participate in NCAA championships. A score of 930 or higher puts a program in good standing with the NCAA with 1000 serving as the maximum score.

In all, 10 DU programs (men's cross country, men's tennis, women's basketball, women's cross country, women's rowing, women's lacrosse, women's soccer, women's swimming, women's tennis and women's volleyball) posted single-year 2015-16 rates of 1000 -- the highest possible on the scale. The 10 perfect scores are the most Duquesne has posted in a single year.

The men's tennis program, whose multi-year rate is 1000, was recognized by the NCAA for ranking in the top 10 percent of its sport in APR year last week. Men's tennis, which was recognized for the second-consecutive year, is the 21st Duquesne squad to be recognized by the NCAA since the public recognition program began 12 years ago. Click here for a searchable list of APR recognition awards.

The APR provides a real-time look at a team's academic success each semester by tracking the academic progress of each student-athlete. The APR includes both retention at an institution and academic eligibility in its calculation. The current multi-year APR report covers the 2012-13 through 2015-16 academic years.

The APR is released annually. Teams that do not continually score well may be hit with penalties including practice/financial aid reductions and scholarship losses.

The goal of the NCAA's academic performance program is improvement, not punishment. Not only does the program ensure accountability for student-athletes, teams and institutions, but also it provides fairness by considering individual circumstances per team and school.

A searchable NCAA APR database may be found here.

(2012-13 thru 2015-16)

Men's Basketball - 975
Women's Basketball - 981
Men's Cross Country - 977
Women's Cross Country - 996
Football - 952
Women's Lacrosse - 994
Women's Rowing - 994
Men's Soccer - 956
Women's Soccer - 993
Women's Swimming - 991
Men's Tennis - 1000
Women's Tennis - 992
Men's Outdoor Track - 986
Women's Track - 988
Women's Volleyball - 989


Men's Basketball - 980
Women's Basketball - 1000
Men's Cross Country - 1000
Women's Cross Country - 1000
Football - 924
Women's Lacrosse - 1000
Women's Rowing - 1000
Men's Soccer - 941
Women's Soccer - 1000
Women's Swimming - 1000
Men's Tennis - 1000
Women's Tennis - 1000
Men's Outdoor Track - 990
Women's Track - 993
Women's Volleyball - 1000

NOTE - Women's indoor and outdoor track are scored as one program. Duquesne's first-year women's bowling program has not accumulated enough data to be included in the report.


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