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Duquesne University Athletics Donations & Promotional Activities Requests

Thank you for visiting the Duquesne University Athletics website. This page explains the policies and procedures for submitting a donation and/or promotional activities request to Department of Athletics. DU Athletics currently donates individual game tickets. All ticket requests will be mailed. Please allow 4-6 weeks for approval of any (donation/promotional activity) request.


    1. Print, review, and fill out the following form(s):
    Donation Request Inquiry Form
    Promotional Activities Form

    2. Mail or fax the completed form(s) along with a letter (on your company's/organization's letterhead) explaining the Donation/Promotional Activities Request to the following:

    Cindy Morton
    Duquesne University Athletics
    600 Forbes Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15282-1010
    Cindy Morton
Donation Request Inquiry Form

Duquesne University Athletics is willing to consider donation requests from a variety of organizations. Interested entities should download and complete the Donation Request Inquiry Form for approval from the Department of Athletics. The NCAA, in compliance with its Bylaw 13.15, regulates the manner in which a collegiate institution is permitted to contribute to an outside group/entity/organization.

The following are several points to consider when requesting a donation from DU Athletics:

  1. Interested organizations must pre-purchase any promotional items (available for sale through the Duquesne University Online Store) to be used as donations. No items will be provided by the Duquesne University Department of Athletics.

  2. Items may not be donated to any entity that benefits a high school, high-school aged students (i.e., prospective student-athletes), or affiliates of any high-school aged student groups (e.g., athletic and non-athletic activities) in any way.

    1. a. NCAA defines a "prospective student-athlete" as a student who has started classes for the ninth grade. In addition, a student who has not started classes for the ninth grade becomes a prospective student-athlete if the institution provides such an individual (or the individual's relatives or family) any financial assistance or other benefits that the institution does not provide to prospective students generally.

  3. An institution can not provide or arrange for financial assistance, directly or indirectly, to pay any costs of a prospective student-athlete's educational expenses.

  4. It is not permissible for an institution's athletics department, in response to requests from high school (or preparatory school or two-year college) groups, to provide items (e.g., autographed balls, jerseys) to assist in raising money for its programs (athletics or other).

  5. If another department of the institution is asked to provide donations to benefit prospects, such activity is permissible only if the donations are not earmarked specifically for an athletics purpose or used only to provide benefits to prospects' athletics programs.

  6. An institution may not donate institutional memorabilia (e.g., jerseys, hats, T-shirts) to any organization for the purpose of being auctioned to raise funds to provide financial assistance to high school students to attend collegiate institutions.

  7. An institution (or an institution's coach or representative of its athletics interests) may contribute to a nonathletics organization that includes prospective student-athletes and non-prospects (e.g., YMCA, YWCA, Boys and Girls Clubs), provided the assistance is not earmarked for a particular prospective student-athlete and is offered in conjunction with the organization's regular fund-raising activities.

  8. An institution's athletics department staff member (e.g., coaching staff member) may not provide any financial contributions to a high school (or preparatory school or two-year college)athletics program through participation in a fund-raising event (e.g., paying greens fees to participate in a golf outing when any portion of the greens fees will go to benefit an athletics program).

  9. An institution is prohibited from sponsoring a table, providing memorabilia or otherwise providing institutional support in conjunction with a banquet or other function that will directly or indirectly benefit prospective student-athletes (e.g., awards banquet conducted by a sports foundation, high school athletics banquet).

Promotional Activities Form

The Promotional Activities Form must be completed by the person/organization seeking a personal appearance by a Duquesne University student-athlete and/or athletics representative (i.e., coach). Please consider the following guidelines prior to the submission of a form to the Department of Athletics. Additionally, this form must be accompanied by a formal letter (on your company's/organization's letterhead) when it is either mailed or faxed to DU Athletics.

Duquesne University student-athletes may only participate in commercial ventures and personal appearances for their institution, recognized student organizations and non-institutional charitable, educational or nonprofit agencies during their years of intercollegiate athletics participation. The Promotional Activities Form attached can be downloaded and completed by the interested entity to determine by DU Athletics if the activity or event is deemed permissible by NCAA standards.

A few things to remember when planning a promotional activity with the involvement of a student-athlete or athletics representative (i.e., coach):

  1. Written approval must be granted by the director of athletics.

  2. The specific activity or event does not involve co-sponsorship or advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency other than through the reproduction of the sponsoring company's officially registered trademark or logo on any printed materials.

  3. The student-athlete does not miss class by participating in the activity.

  4. All proceeds from the activity goes directly to the organization (e.g., charitable, educational or nonprofit agency) related to participation in such activity.

  5. The student-athletes' name, picture or appearance is not to be used to promote the commercial ventures of any nonprofit agency.

  6. • Click on this form for a full description of NCAA regulations pertaining to Promotional Activities (Bylaw involving Institutional, Charitable, Educational or Nonprofit Promotions.

    Promotions Involving Commercial Locations/Sponsors

    An institution or a charitable, educational or nonprofit organization may use the appearance, name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete to promote generally its fundraising activities at the location of a commercial establishment, provided the commercial establishment is not a co-sponsor of the event and the student-athlete does not promote the sale of a commercial product in conjunction with the fundraising activity. A commercial establishment would become a cosponsor if the commercial establishment either advertises the presence of the student-athlete at the commercial location or is involved directly or indirectly in promoting the activity.


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