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This page was developed to assist the coaches of Duquesne University in meeting their respective NCAA, Conference and institutional compliance requirements. It also provides useful links to forms and other sites that contain compliance-related information in the areas of recruiting, eligibility and financial aid.

DU's Compliance staff and its coaches are committed to achieving the highest results from student-athletes during competition and in the classroom, while adhering to the guidelines and principles established by the NCAA. If you have any questions, please contact the DU Athletics Compliance Office.

Updated 09/19/07

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    Defining Countable Athletically Related Activities

    What are the daily and weekly time limitations on countable athletically related activities?

    Student-athletes may not participate in countable athletically related activities for more than:

    Out-of-Season (during the academic year):
    • 4 hours per day
    • 2 hours per day
    • 20 hours per week
    • 8 hours per week

    The daily and weekly hour limitations DO NOT apply to the following time periods:
    • During preseason practice prior to the first day of classes or September 15, which ever is earlier.
    • During an institution's term-time offical vacation (e.g., Thanksgiving, spring break), as listed in the institution's official calendar, and during the academic year between terms when classes are not in session.
    Are student-athletes required to have a day off from countable athletically related activities?

    During the academic year when school is in session, student-athletes shall have one day per week in which there are no countable athletically related activities. The day off may occur on any day of the week and may change from week to week. A "week" is defined as any seven consecutive days, determined at the institution's discretion.

    Below are partial lists of common activities that count and do not count against your daily and weekly time limits:

    Countable* Noncountable
    Athletically Related Activities Athletically Related Activities
    Practices (not more than 4 hours per day). Compliance meetings.
    Athletics meetings initiated by a coach or required by a coach (e.g. end of season individual meetings). Meetings with a coach initiated by the student-athlete.
    Competition (and associated activities, regardless of their length, count as 3 hours. However, no countable athletically related activities may occur after the competition. Drug/Alcohol educational meetings or CHAMPS/Life Skills meetings.
    On-court or on-field activities called by any member of the team and confined primarily to members of that team. Voluntary weight training not conducted by a coach or staff member.
    Required weight-training and conditioning activities. Voluntary sport-related activities (e.g., initiated by student-athlete, no attendance taken, no coach present).
    Participation outside the regular season in individual skill-related instructional activities with a member of the coaching staff. Recruiting activities (e.g., student host).
    Discussion or review of game films. Training table meals.

    * There may be additional rules that are applicable only to certain sports. Also, conferences and institutions may adopt more restrictive rules. Please feel free to contact James Alexander, Director of Compliance at (412)396-4917, or send an e-mail to alexanderj2113@duq.edu if you have questions or would like additional information.

    Participation in Countable Athletically Related Activities Out of Season

    What is the difference between in-season and out-of-season?

    In-season (20 Hours)

    • Time between the team's first officially recognized practice session and the last practice session or competition, which ever occurrs later.
    • Sports other than football and basketball may have their seasons separated into two distinct segments: non-championship and championship segment.
    • During the in-season period (i.e., championship and non-championship segments), a student-athlete may participate in a maximum of 20 hours per week of countable athletically related activities.
    Out-of-season (Eight Hours)
    • The remaining days during the academic year not included in the in-season period.
    • A student-athlete may participate in a maximum of eight hours per week of countable athletically related activities.
    Outside the playing season (during the academic year), student-athletes are limited to not more than eight (8) hours per week of certain countable athletically related activities. Those activities are shown below:

    Permissible Countable Athletically Related Nonpermissible Activities
    Activities During the Out-of-Season Period During the Out-of-Season Period
    Required weight training and conditioning activities supervised by an ahtletics department staff member. Conditioning drills may not simulate offensive or defensive alignments.
    In sports other than football, participation in up to 2 hours per week of voluntary skill-related instruction, provided not more than four (4) student-athletes from the same team are involved at any time in any facility. No equipment related to the sport may be used. In the sport of ice hockey, a student-athlete may be involved in on-ice conditioning activities, provided no equipment other than skates is used.
    In football, participation in up to 2 hours per week of watching and reviewing films. Any other countable athletically related activity that may hav been permissible during the in-season period.
    Participation in a physical fitness class conducted by a member of the athletics department staff. Required participation in any countable athletically related activities during any institutional vacation period (e.g., Christmas break, summer) that occur outside the declared playing and practice season (i.e., in-season).
    Any voluntary athletically related activity in which the student-athlete chooses to participate (does not count in the 8 hours)(e.g., initiated by student-athlete, no attendance taken, no coach present).  

    NOTE: Student-athletes may be involved in any noncountable athletically related activity during the off-season period (e.g., workouts using the safty exception, voluntary workouts, other noncountable activities permitted during the in-season period).

    Voluntary Activities

    What is a "voluntary" activity?
    To be considered a "voluntary" activity, all of the following must be met:
    • The student-athlete must not be required to report back to a coach or other athletics department staff menber (e.g., strength coach, trainer, manager) any information related to the activity. In addition, noncoaching athletics department staff members who observe the activity (e.g., strength coach, trainer, manager) may not report back to the student-athlete's coach any information related to the activity. [NOTE: Coaches may not observe voluntary activities. However, coaching staff members be be present during permissible skill-related instruction requested by the student-athlete pursuant to NCAA Bylaw]
    • The activity must be initiated and requested solely by the student-athlete. Neither the institution nor any athletics department staff members may require the student-athlete to participated in the activity at any time. However, it is permissible for an athletics department staff member to provide information to student-athletes related to available opportunities for participating in voluntary activities (e.g. times when the strength and conditioning coach will be on duty in the weight room or on the track). In addition, for students who have initiated a request to engage in voluntary activities, the institution or an athletics department staff member may assign specific times for student-athletes to use institutional facilities for such purposes and inform the student-athletes of the time in advance;
    • The student-athlete's attendance and participation in the activity (or lack thereof) may not be recorded for the purposes of reporting such information to coaching staff members or other student-athletes; and
    • The student-athlete may not be subjected to penalty if he or she elects not to participate in the activity. In addition, neither the institution nor any athletics department staff member may provide recognition or incentives (e.g., awards) to a student-athlete based on his or her attendance or performance in the activity.

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