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In the national realm of collegiate athletics, it is widely recognized that maintaining a dedicated and enthusiastic group of student fans is beneficial to the Athletic Program of the University. In addition, it is widely documented that the overall success of a University's Athletic Program is advantageous for the students, faculty, and surrounding community. Having a comprehensive knowledge of these facts, the students find it necessary to establish a group dedicated to serving the school in a manner of spirit. We, the Duquesne Faithful, knowing full well the multiple benefits of an enthusiastic and motivated student cheering section do hereby establish a union dedicated to these objectives.
Article I Name
Section IThe name of this organization is the Red and Blue Crew.
Article II Purpose
Section I The Red and Blue Crew is a spirit group open to all Duquesne University students. The primary function of the members will be to promote school spirit, unity, and awareness of athletic activities through participation in supporting Duquesne University athletic teams, especially pertaining to Men's Basketball.
Section II The Red and Blue Crew understand and are committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of abiding by Duquesne University policies.
Article III Officers
Section I All Chairs must be full-time undergraduate students at the Duquesne University.
Section II The Executive Committee consists of ten elected individuals; including one student liaison from the Student Government Association, Cheerleaders, and Pep Band; and one Athletic Department Advisor appointed by the Director of Athletics.
President (1):
  • Set vision for the Group
  • Lead the Group
  • Maintain Contact with Athletic Department Advisor and hold weekly meetings or at demand.
  • Check/answer e-mail
  • Write reports/newsletters when needed
  • Make decisions with Athletic Department Advisor and Vice-President to break deadlocks
  • Create a team atmosphere among the Committee
Vice-President (1):
  • Lead the Group
  • Maintain Contact with Athletic Department Advisor and hold weekly meetings or at demand.
  • Maintain contacts with alumni
  • Check/answer e-mail
  • Actively pursues new membership
  • Write reports/newsletters when needed
  • Make decisions with Athletic Department Advisor and president to break deadlocks
  • Create a team atmosphere among the Committee
  • Carry out the duties of the President during a temporary absence or incapacity.
  • Assume the presidency in the event of a vacancy in the office.
Webmaster (1):
  • Maintain and update web site after each game/at demand
  • Create address book
  • Update AIM screen name weekly
  • Send out Email to members
Treasurer (1):
  • Maintain funds
  • Balance check book
  • Deposit and withdraw funds
  • Hold debit card
Secretary (1):
  • Keep minutes at meetings
  • E-mail minutes to the Executive Committee
  • Keep record book of notes
  • Work with the webmaster
  • Schedule rooms for meetings
Marketing (1):
  • Advertise and market Red and Blue Crew
  • Create Cheer Sheets
  • Create and organize social events
  • Organize service projects for members
Liaisons (4):
  • Consists of one student from each of the Athletic Department, Cheerleaders, Student Government Association and Pep Band
  • Communicate back and forth with respective groups
  • Collaborate on issues
  • Participation on themes and other special events
Article IV Membership
Section I Active membership is given to all undergraduate full-time students, as defined by the University. Seating is based upon available seating in the designated student seating section. Seating is based upon loyalty, and dedication to the Red and Blue Crew.
Section II The Red and Blue Crew openly admit students to its membership and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation.
Section III Membership dues will be given to the treasurer and are subject to change.
Section IV There are no attendance expectations or service requirements associated with membership into Red and Blue Crew. Attendance at games, social events, fundraising projects, and service activities are highly recommended and extremely encouraged.
Section V Each active member will receive a minimum of one Red and Blue Crew T-shirt and a ticket to each home Men's Basketball game based on availability according to the student ticket policy set forth by the Athletic Department. Props and other spirit objects will be distributed on an as acquired basis.
Section VI Each member of the Red and Blue Crew must have a minimum GPA of 2.0.
Article V Elections
Section I Elections will be held on the first Monday during the month of April in a given year.
Section II The President and Vice President shall consist of two people that have previously served or are currently serving on the Executive board. If no outstanding Executive committee member chooses to be President or Vice President, the positions are then open to the entire student body at the election meeting, where anyone can be nominated.
Section IIIThe term of the office shall start on the 15th of April or the next working day.
Article VI Meetings
Section IMeetings shall be held on Mondays at 9 pm in a room on campus TBD.
Section IIThe quorum needed in order to conduct business shall be � representations.
Article VII Voting
Section IAll members of the Red and Blue Crew are eligible for voting on issues during the meetings. All members of the student body are allowed to vote on the President, Vice President, and other committee members, excluding the Athletic Chair, Band liaison, Student Government liaison and Cheerleading liaison.
Section IIWhen a vote is taken a simple majority vote is needed to approve all business.
Article VIII Vacancies
Section IAll vacancies shall go to the executive committee for a vote to fill the vacancy.
Article IX Finances
Section IThe Duquesne University Athletic Department will subsidize funds for the group at various times during the year. However, this funding will be under the control of the Athletic Department Advisor.
Section IIFundraising will be done on an as needed basis.
Section IIIThe Red and Blue Crew will seek funding each year by application from the Student Activities Board, Duquesne Program Council and Student Government Association.
Article X Advisor
Section IThe organization will be under the advisement of a full-time member of the Athletic staff to be determined by the Athletic Director.
Section IIThe advisors role is to guide and provide a direction for the Red and Blue Crew.
Article XI Impeachment of Officers
Section IGrounds for impeachment will be failure to meet any of the requirements stated above.
Article XII Amendments
Section IAll amendments shall be presented to the executive committee and then voted on by the executive committee. In order for an amendment to pass a seven (7) out of ten (10) votes is needed.
Article XIII Interpretation
Section IThe interpretation of the constitution is the responsibility of the president and vice president, under the guidance of the advisor.
Article XIV Regulations
Section IThe Red and Blue Crew shall comply with the Duquesne University Student Code of Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.


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