#DUQMBB Head Coach Jim Ferry Sits Down With Cox's Chris DiSano

July 17, 2014

Third-year Duquesne head coach Jim Ferry sat down yesterday with Cox Sports' Chris DiSano to talk DU and A-10 hoops. For the full interview, including coach Ferry's thoughts on the 2014 newcomers as well as returnees Micah Mason and Dominique McKoy and more, please visit

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Chris DiSano: What's on your mind entering year three of your rebuild?

J. Ferry: What's on my mind is continuing to get better and recruit the talent necessary to compete in this league. Since I joined this league it's changed and had a major boost. It's been the best it's ever been over a two-year period. The thing we look at is continuing to bring in talent to compete and for us it's taking that next step. When you take over a rebuilding project the way guys like Danny [Hurley] and I have at our respective schools that were at rock-bottom -- it doesn't just happen overnight.

I think we've now solidified this program and have the program at the point where it's time for us to start competing... to compete for championships in this league and for this year to take that next step. To go from where we were year one, to finishing 10th in a league that sent six teams to the NCAA Tournament after being picked last in the preseason means we're heading in the right direction. Now, if we can take that jump again... and I think we will with pieces in place, with guys improving, continuity in our program, two legit recruiting classes... we have laid the ground work and now it's time to start moving it forward.




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