Brooks Roorback a Positive Role Model at Home and in Dublin
Brooks Roorback

Feb. 1, 2012

The 2011 Duquesne football team finished its season with a 9-2 record. As a result, the Dukes were named co-champions in the Northeast Conference (NEC) and were ranked 34th in the Final Sports Network FCS Poll. While the Dukes success on the field is undeniable, their academic pursuits and personal endeavors off the field are just as commendable if not more worthy of praise. Take, for example, Duquesne's Brooks Roorback (Senior, Wide Receiver) and his current adventure abroad.

Since the beginning of the spring semester, Roorback has not just been fulfilling a degree requirement, but also a lifelong goal. Brooks left for Ireland the week of January 8th, 2012 and is student teaching at a school by the name of Willow Park, near Dublin. He is currently teaching 5th grade boys in the subjects of math and composition. In his spare time, he has managed to get involved with the chess club as well as help with a production of his school's play, "Aladdin."

"Since a young age we always tried to instill good moral values in our children," Laurie Roorback said, reflecting on her and her husband's mission while raising Brooks and his siblings. "We have always taught our kids to not only give back for all that they have received but also to be positive role models. Live lives that we would be proud of even when no one is watching."

In a recent email from Brooks he writes:

"My favorite part of student teaching in Ireland is being able to work with bright, young, energetic boys who are excited about learning. I love the grind that comes with teaching and then to see the positive results at the end is such an added bonus. I'm at a Catholic all boys' school in Dublin and I love the half-day Wednesdays in which the second half of the school day is devoted to Rugby. I'm currently helping to train one of the school's rugby teams and they love my "American Football" input. It's a great learning experience for me and the whole trip has been well worth it and a success so far. It's always amazing to me how much young students look up to collegiate athletes. It's so important for athletes to remember this and continue to be positive role models in their lives. Almost every day I get comments from the students on how they visited to look up my profile and stats. They also have asked me about other players on the team."



As student athletes, it is important to realize that they do have a responsibility as well as an influence that extends far beyond the athletic playing fields. This influence can be used to inspire others to chase goals and dreams, and the responsibility is to impact communities in a positive manner. It is vital that we commend Brooks Roorback for not only his hard work and selfless efforts to positively impact the lives of young adults, but also for representing Duquesne in an honorable manor.

To find more information on Brooks and his trip abroad you can visit his blog at ...


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