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Men's Tennis

Tennis Starts Season at Carnegie Mellon Invitational



Sept. 10, 2013

Box Score

The Duquesne men's tennis team opened its 2013 Fall season at the Carnegie Mellon Invitational. The matches were scored via 8-game pro sets. The Dukes were without Pete Carpenter, Max Rubin and Harry Walshe.


Alex Aleman
L, Kiril Kirkov (Carnegie Mellon) 9-7
L, Abhishek Alla (Carnegie Mellon) 8-4
W, Yuvraj Kumar (Carnegie Mellon) 8-4

Mehdi Mekaoui
L, Kunal Wadwani (Carnegie Mellon) 9-7
W, Joel Lankford (Carnegie Mellon) 8-2
W, Julian Pearlman (Carnegie Mellon) 8-4

Rich Robbie
W, Christian Secord (Carnegie Mellon) 8-6
L, Kiril Kirkov (Carnegie Mellon) 8-4
W, Abhishek Alla (Carnegie Mellon) 9-8 (11-9)

Corey Robinson
L, Jack Kasbeer (Carnegie Mellon) 8-6
L, Will Duncan (Carnegie Mellon) 8-5
W, Joel Lankford (Carnegie Mellon) 8-3

Matt Slamecka
L, Kenny Zheng (Carnegie Mellon) 8-3
W, Julian Pearlman (Carnegie Mellon) 8-6

Jimmy Xu
L, Julian Pearlman (Carnegie Mellon) 8-2
L, Yuvraj Kumar (Carnegie Mellon) 8-2
L, Joel Lankford (Carnegie Mellon) 8-4


Rich Robbie/Alex Aleman
L, Christian Secord/Will Duncan (Carnegie Mellon) 8-4



Corey Robinson/Matt Slamecka
L, Paul Okuda/Jack Kasbeer (Carnegie Mellon) 8-1

Jimmy Xu/Mehdi Mekaoui
L, Bryce Beisswanger/Kenny Zheng (Carnegie Mellon) 8-1
Julian Pearlman/Joel Lankford (Carnegie Mellon) 8-2

Matt Slamecka/Rich Robbie
W, Abhishek Alla/Yuvraj Kumar (Carnegie Mellon) 8-3

Alex Aleman/Corey Robinson (Duquesne)
W, Abhishek Alla/Yuvraj Kumar (Carnegie Mellon) 8-4

The Dukes are off until Sept. 27th when play in the three-day Penn Invitational.