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June 10, 2009

The Duquesne Dukes "Blogging Series" continues with the latest entry "Summertime in the City" with Rachel Frederick. The Pittsburgh native, who became the 20th member of the Duquesne women's basketball 1,000 point club this past season, discusses classes, the summertime, and what's to come before the 2009-10 begins.

"Here Comes the Warm Weather!"
Summertime is finally here! I have BIG plans this summer including laying out by the pool, spending time at my lake house, enjoying the sunshine, eating Rita's Italian Ice, and attending SUMMER SCHOOL! All kidding aside, summer is my favorite time of the year, besides basketball season. It is a time that I can relax and focus on improving my game while taking a few classes which will alleviate my course load during the regular school year. However, I won't be relaxing as much as I would like because I am taking 15 credits this summer. In December of 2008, I graduated with my undergrad degree in Integrated Marketing Communication and now I am working towards my Master's Degree in Education. I hope to someday become an elementary teacher and coach high school girls' basketball in the Western Pennsylvania area.

"Exceptional Support for our Student-Athletes"
The classes that I am taking this summer are all required classes to complete my degree. Two of these classes are offered online, so I do not technically go to a classroom with a Professor everyday. These classes require me to be motivated and self-disciplined to sit down and do the work, no matter how nice it is outside! I just finished one class and I just started "Teaching Elementary Math" this week! All the Professors I have encountered at Duquesne have been nothing but exceptional. They are willing to accommodate student-athletes, and are very helpful in meeting the demands of our schedule. With that said, Duquesne University is a wonderful academic institution, and is well known regionally. Regardless of where I go, when people recognize that I play basketball at Duquesne, they marvel at the school's reputation. I couldn't be more proud to wear Duquesne on the front of my uniform.



I am not the only one on the basketball team taking classes this summer. Our whole team has made the commitment to take classes and workout together as a team; we realize there is really no off-season if we want to be Atlantic 10 Champs. Also, the coaching staff encourages us to stay and take classes over the summer so we can get ahead in our studies. It is important to do so because of the grueling schedule of practice, games, and traveling throughout the season. It can really play a toll on a student-athlete if they are not supported by people that are not only dedicated to our academic success, but also success on the court. If it were not for the many people and support that is offered to us as student-athletes I am not quite sure how I would manage.

"Pittsburgh: Experience a Unique City"
Attending school in Pittsburgh is pretty cool, I might say that because I was born and raised here but there is really a lot to do in and around the city. There are always neat events, professional sports, concerts, and activities to partake in around the area. I went to a few concerts already this year including Britney Spears and Kenny Chesney. Duquesne is in the heart of the city, so it's very close to areas like the South Side which is my favorite place in the city. I have a part time job working on the South Side at an ice cream-chocolate store. It's a fun job and nice to make a little extra spending money!

"What's to Come..."
Unfortunately, before we know it, another summer will have come and gone and we will be gearing up for basketball season. There is so much to look forward to in the upcoming season. I, along with four other women on the team: Samantha Thompson, Amanda Peck, Eve Pyle, and Keri Pryor will be preparing for our last collegiate basketball season. After last season's success we have all had a taste of what it is like to be a part of a winning program. We want to continue the success and leave our mark on the Duquesne Women's Basketball Program. We are setting our sights high and working hard to get there. We know what it will take to be great and the entire team is willing and prepared to get there.

We lost Kristi Little to graduation this year. She was a big piece of the puzzle regarding our team's success, but its going to give a lot of people opportunities to show what they can do. Samantha Pollino and Kelly Britcher, our juniors, have been working really hard in the off-season. Alex Gensler and Jaclyn Babe are no longer freshmen, and redshirt sophomore Vanessa Abel will be a wonderful addition to the team. Needless to say, I am happy to have another year to play with all the girls. I am also really excited for our freshman to come on to campus and start playing basketball with them. I think they will all bring a certain aspect to our team that we can really utilize. I can't wait for the season; I already can see a lot of improvement with our team, and its only June!


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