Duquesne Finishes First in Points Amongst A-10 Competition at GW Invite
Second varsity eight

April 14, 2014

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On Friday, April 11th and Saturday, April 12th the Duquesne women were in Washington, DC for the annual George Washington Invitational. This is only the second time the Dukes have earned an invite to the event. The race was run in dual format with each team going up against one other team for each race. Each team raced three times over the course of the two days.

On Friday afternoon the Duquesne women started the weekend of racing with a dual against host George Washington University. The first event saw the women's second varsity four of coxswain Caroline Connors, Kaitlyn Clem, Nicole Wozniak, Alison Kane, and Serenity Wallace race against two boats from GW. GW claimed the first two spots with Duquesne crossing the line third (no time was recorded). In the varsity four event that followed the first four of coxswain Grace Hindes, Mary Kate Keenoy, Lindsay Wyllie, Tory Snyder, and Maureen O'Brien finished just 8 seconds behind the varsity four from GW. The second varsity eight of coxswain Megan Parmarter, Anne Stevens, Emily Ames, Alex Watts, Marissa Conlin, Emma Riegel, Emily Herzig, Meredith Starczewski, and Kaitlyn McConville also crossed the line second (6:56.83) behind GW (6:50.40). The varsity eight of coxswain Michelle Karkos, Lauren Turner, Courtney Purslow, Hannah Mazur, Julia Borsari, Gretchen Swabe, Regina Dutz, Hannah Olinger, and Lauren Hughes finished first in 6:36.06 with GW crossing the line in 6:43.00.

Saturday morning the Dukes were matched up against the Hawks from Saint Joseph's. The second four (Caroline Connors, Kaitlyn Clem, Kaitlyn McConville, Alison Kane, Serenity Wallace) finished second to the SJU second four. The varsity four (same as listed above) crossed the line first in 7:36.8 with SJU's four a little under 9 seconds back (7:45.5). The second varsity eight (Megan Parmarter, Anne Stevens, Emily Ames, Alex Watts, Marissa Conlin, Emma Riegel, Emily Herzig, Meredith Starczewski, Rachel Swain) finished 11 seconds behind the second eight from SJU while the varsity eight (same as listed above) crossed the line over 4 seconds ahead of the varsity eight from SJU.

The final race of the weekend slated Duquesne against the US Naval Academy whose varsity eight and four are undefeated so far this spring. The second varsity four (Caroline Connors, Alison Kane, Kaitlyn McConville, Kaitlyn Clem, Nicole Wozniak) crossed the line third behind two fours from Navy. The varsity four finished second to the Navy varsity four with a decreased margin from the Occoquan sprints. The second varsity eight raced the second and third eight from Navy in a very tight race that saw Navy A finishing first and Navy B finishing second while Duquesne finished third just under 8 seconds off the pace of the Navy A entry. The Duquesne varsity eight finished second to Navy as well.

Head Coach Joseph Setting had this to say about the weekend performance, "Two years have passed since we last attended the GW Invitational and our results from this past weekend show just how much progress this team has made in that time span. The first time we attended this race, we did not win a single dual and were outraced, but this past weekend, we won three and even the duals we fell short in, the racing was tightly contested.

"Our 1V8 captured wins against very talented and deep A10 squads in George Washington and St. Joseph's and fell only to the U.S. Naval Academy, who is an NCAA team from last year and certainly looking poised to be in the mix again this year. Our 2V8, although not capturing an outright win in the duels, did show significant improvement in each race, capped off by a strong performance against Navy. Our V4's raced strong with the 1V4 securing a win over St. Joseph's, but falling to GW and Navy, although we showed progress in cutting the winning deficit against Navy, who we raced last weekend. Our 2V4 is very young and although they did not get an outright win, continued to gain valuable racing experience that they can build upon heading into our final races of the season."

The Dukes now have three weeks to work on gaining speed before their Atlantic-10 Championship on May 4th.




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