Rowers Faster than Pitt, CMU and Mercyhurst
The Dukes were faster than the local competition on Saturday.

April 23, 2013

On Saturday, April 20th the Duquesne women's rowing team was at home on the Allegheny racing teams from the University of Pittsburgh, Mercyhurst College, and Carnegie Mellon University.

It was a very windy morning with worsening conditions throughout the morning and wind gusts of 25mph. The women handled the conditions well and proved to be the fastest team in the Burgh this year. All races had floating starts and were straight finals.

The first race of the morning was the women's novice eight of coxswain: Mary Clair, stroke: Maureen O'Brien, Emily Zborowski, Erin Sanborn, Rachel Swain, Marta Kessler, Shannon Dorr, Jenna Boyd, and Megan Malone. The Duquesne women crossed the finish line first 9 seconds ahead of second place Pitt.

Following the eight was the women's varsity fours. The Duquesne A entry (coxswain: Mary Ketchner, stroke: Tory Snyder, Elizabeth Rhodes, Alyssa McKernan, and Nicole Wozniak) finished first ahead of the A entries from Pitt and Mercyhurst. Duquesne's B entry (coxswain: Megan Parmarter, stroke: Meredith Starczewski, Lindsay Wyllie, Derin Ongun, and Alexandria Poudrier) also won their race crossing the line ahead of the lightweight four from Pitt and the varsity four from CMU.



The women's novice four of coxswain: Grace Hindes, stroke: Maureen O'Brien, Emily Zborowski, Marta Kessler, and Rachel Swain finished first over 10 seconds ahead of the novice four from Mercyhurst. CMU finished third.

The final race of the morning was the women's varsity eight. In the roughest conditions of the morning, the varsity eight of coxswain: Kristy Pietrone, stroke: Lauren Turner, Courtney Purslow, Hannah Mazur, Marissa Conlin, Emma Riegel, Laura Dunlap, Hannah Olinger, and Lauren Hughes finished first with Mercyhurst in second the Duquesne 2nd Varisty eight (coxswain: Michelle Karkos, stroke: Gretchen Swabe, Maria De Iuliis, Alex Watts, Julia Borsari, Regina Dutz, Emily Herzig, Rachael Ross, and Samantha Newhart) finished third, with the varsity eight from Pitt finishing fourth.


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