Dukes Fare Well at Genessee Regatta
The Dukes wore their pink again this week.

Oct. 15, 2012

This past weekend the Duquesne Rowing team traveled to Rochester, NY to race in the Head of the Genessee Regatta against top teams from Syracuse, Cornell, Buffalo, and many others. The Dukes again supported breast cancer awareness by racing in their pink shirts.

The Head of the Genessee Regatta is a unique regatta in that there is a head race of 5000m in the morning and then a sprint race of 1500m in the afternoon. The sprint time is multiplied by three and then added to the head race time to determine the overall time and standings.

With frost on the ground and the equipment and the temperatures in the low 30's the Dukes started the morning with the head race for the varsity eight and the women's second varsity eight. In the varsity eight the line-up of coxswain: Kristy Pietrone, stroke: Derin Ongun, Maria De Iuliis, Hannah Mazur, Julia Borsari, Regina Dutz, Marissa Conlin, Rachael Ross, and Laura Dunlap rowed a strong race but had to slow down and stop about 1000m from the finish when novice eight entered the race course and interfered with their racing line. Cornell's A entry as well as Buffalo's A entry were affected by the interference, but were not forced to stop. Once they were safely turned the varsity eight started back up and finished strong. The women's second varsity eight of coxswain: Megan Parmarter, stroke: Lauren Turner, Gretchen Swabe, Alex Watts, Courtney Purslow, Hannah Olinger, Lindsay Wyllie, Liz Rhodes, and Samm Newhart did not have to deal with interference and finished with a time that was 12 seconds faster than the second varsity eight from Buffalo who also did not deal with the interference.



From there the women's freshman eight of coxswain: Mary Clair, stroke: Emily Zborowski, Amanda Wassenberg, Emma Riegel, Emily Herzig, Lauren Hughes, Meredith Starczewski, Lexie Poudrier, Maureen O'Brien raced in the women's novice eight event. Crossing the line in a time of 19:14 the freshman eight finished first in the event. Novice boats do not participate in the afternoon sprint races.

For the afternoon sprint races the women's varsity eight was paired up with the second varsity eight from Buffalo while the Duquesne second varsity eight was paired up with the varsity eight from Canisius. The varsity eight came down the course first crossing the line in 5:21.88 about 5 seconds ahead of the second eight from Buffalo. The Duquesne second varsity eight crossed the line for the sprint in 5:17.77 over 3 seconds ahead of the Canisius varsity eight.

The final standings put the women's second eight finishing 5th out of the 10 entries in the Women's Open 8 Event and the varsity eight finished 8th. Due to the interference the finish of the varsity eight is not an accurate portrayal of their speed. The times cannot be changed to estimate the interference, time can only be added to the boat that caused the interference. The coaching staff is confident that the Duquesne Varsity Eight would be competitive with the Buffalo Varsity Eight while the second eight was able to finish ahead of the Buffalo Second Varsity Eight. Of the 27 collegiate entries which included teams from William Smith and DIII NCAA Champions Mercyhurst, Duquesne's second eight finished 8th overall and the varsity eight finished 12th overall.

The team will continue to work hard as they move forward and look to the Robert Morris Invitational where they will race Robert Morris and Mercyhurst.

Full results can be found at https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/results/2322_5010.pdf


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