@DuqRow Participates in Head of the Occoquan
The Dukes raced at the Head of the Occoquan
Nov. 7, 2016


EVENT: Head of the Occoquan

LOCATION: Occoquan River/Fairfax, Va.

BOATS ENTERED: Collegiate 8, Novice 4, Novice 8, Collegiate 4

QUICK RECAP: The rowing team took to the tributary of the Potomac River in Fairfax, Virginia this weekend for the Head of the Occoquan. The Dukes participated in four races, with nine total boats competing.

Women's Collegiate 8
Duquesne 1st V8 finished a strong third, behind Delaware and George Washington. The 2nd V8 finished seventh, and the 3rd V8 11th of 31 entries.

Women's Freshman/Novice 4
In their first-ever collegiate race, the Dukes finished sixth right behind Penn State and ahead of New York Maritime and VCU.

Women's Freshman/Novice 8
This was the debut for seven of the eight rowers in this boat. The Dukes finished ninth, ahead of the second 8 from WVU and the novice eight from Delaware (21:15.85).

Women's Collegiate 4
The Dukes finished first, over nine seconds ahead of Georgetown. The 2nd four was fifth, ahead of GW by seven seconds. The 3rd and 4th four were ninth and 10th respectively, crossing three seconds apart. All Duquesne fours finished ahead of many first and second fours in the race.

Women's Lightweight 1x Alison Kane was third behind the Occoquan Boat Club and Rivanna Rowing Club.

COACH SETTING QUOTE: A great all around team performance with many top finishes. We are looking forward to our upcoming race with West Virginia.

UP NEXT: the Dukes will travel to Morgantown on Friday, November 11th for a scrimmage with West Virginia University.


Women's Collegiate 8

1st Varsity 8 -- 3rd of 31 entries (17:16.53)
Coxswain - Faith Caldiero
8. Sydnie Pennington
7. Jessica Goldstein
6. Samantha Dunn
5. Cassandra Holder
4. Mary Katherine Byrne
3. Brittney Raible
2. Allison Schmitt
1. Abigail Bailey



2nd Varsity 8 -- 7th of 31 entries (18:01.40)
Coxswain - Caroline Dirr
8. Lauren Murray
7. Kasie Sayers
6. Antonia Maffia
5. Madeleine Troppe
4. Devon Eliason
3. Emily Ames
2. Kaitlyn Clem
1. Maggie Cunningham

3rd Varsity 8 -- 13th of 31 entries (18:54.82)

Coxswain - Mary Clay
8. Anne Stevens
7. Mary Kate Keenoy
6. Margot Gagen
5. Lauryn Garretson
4. Serena Benages
3. Molly Harkins
2. Shelby Rocco
1. Sarah Clair

Women's Freshman/Novice 4 -- 6th of 22 entries (22:11.04)

Coxswain - Brooklynne Taylor
4. Nayia Faxio-Douglas
3. Riley McGonigle
2. Divine Kandolo
1. Alli Lee

Women's Freshman/Novice 8: 9th of 23 entries (21:04.86)

Coxswain - Brooklynne Taylor
8. Devon Lyons
7. Katie Sistare
6. Mikayla Feil
5. Felicia Swift
4. Caroline Redd
3. Meredith O'Neil
2. Rachel Kaup
1. Amanda Pellegrino

1st Women's Collegiate 4: 1st of 31 entries (19:09.13)

Coxswain - Faith Caldiero
4. Sydnie Pennington
3. Jessica Goldstein
2. Samantha Dunn
1. Cassandra Holder

2nd Women's Collegiate 4: 5th of 31 entries (19:45.43)

Coxswain - Mary Clay
4. Allison Schmitt
3. Brittney Raible
2. Mary Katherine Byrne
1. Abigail Bailey

3rd Women's Collegiate 4: 9th of 31 entries (20:10.95)

Coxswain - Caroline Dirr
4. Kasie Sayers
3. Devon Eliason
2. Madeleine Troppe
1. Lauren Murray

4th Women's Collegiate 4: 10th of 31 entries (20:13.27)

Coxswain - Abigail Guenther
4. Margot Gagen
3. Lauryn Garretson
2. Kaitlyn Clem
1. Maggie Cunningham

Lightweight 1x: 3rd of 3 entries (23:19.91)

1. Alison Kane


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