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Informational Meetings:

Tuesday, August 25th
Wednesday, August 26th
Enter at Gate B of AJ Palumbo Center and follow signs for the meeting

What is rowing??- Rowing is a sport in which one, two, four or eight people work in unison to move a boat through the water. Contrary to popular belief, rowing is a full body sport. It primarily uses the legs, not the upper body. Regardless of strength, rowing success is determined by how the pressure is applied.

Do I need to be tall and strong to row?- While height and power do give certain people an advantage in the sport, athletes of all sizes and abilities can be successful on our team. If you are under 5'4" and/or 115lbs or less, you are a great candidate for a coxswain. This is the person who steers the boat and helps coach the rowers on and off the water. All in all, we are looking for individuals that have a strong work ethic, a competitive drive and the will to win.

Are there try-outs?- Yes, the first two weeks of practice are the tryout period. Practices begin on Monday, September 7th.

What about my class schedule?- Practices are Monday-Friday from 3 - 5:30 pm (this includes travel time to and from the boathouse). You are only required to attend 2 practices Monday-Thursday based on your schedule. If you know that you want to row prior to getting to school, you should contact the coaching staff. You may be able to make your class schedule around the practice times. Once you finish your fall season and move on to the spring semester, you are able to plan your schedule according to practice times. As a student-athlete you will also have access to the academic support services available to all Duquesne student-athletes.

Is rowing a varsity or club sport?- We are a varsity Division I Program that competes against many other DI, DII, DIII and club programs throughout the year. While you will be a first year "novice rower," you will be distinguished as a varsity athlete on campus.

Who do we race against?- Our main race is our Atlantic-10 Championship in the spring during which we race URI, UMass, St. Joe's, La Salle, Fordham, George Washington, George Mason and Dayton. Throughout the year we attend many other regattas where we race teams from all over the country including Delaware, Northwestern, Wisconsin Lightweights, UNC and many other large programs.

What do you mean by fall and spring seasons?- Rowing is a year round sport. The fall season is very technically focused and also has a large focus on fitness and cardiovascular ability. Practices for novices begin in September and run through the first week in November. The novices finish the fall season with a race against other novice teams in the Pittsburgh area. Those that make the team will move on into winter training which starts upon return from winter break. Our spring season begins with a training trip to Florida for spring break and continues until May.

Does it cost anything?- There is no cost to be on the team outside of registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Apparel for racing is provided and all travel expenses associated with competitions are paid for. Students do put some money towards their spring training trip, but fund raising opportunities are available.

Athletic Training Information:

There are some important things that you should complete before coming to campus in the fall.
1. Medical Forms - Your medical history and other medical information must be on file with athletic training. All of the necessary information can be entered into an online system. Please visit the Medical Forms Linkto find the step-by-step guide for new athletes.

2. Physical Form - You need to have a physical complete in order to begin practice. Make an appointment with your physician and print out the physical form. Have your doctor fill out the form fully.

3. Sickle Cell Test - NCAA rules require that every athlete goes through sickle cell testing for safety purposes regardless of their ethnic background. If you have not had this test done, speak with your physician about where you can get tested. We will need a copy of the results. (For more information on Sickle Cell Testing please visit the NCAA Sickle Cell Information Page)

4. Medical Insurance Information- A copy of the front and back of your medical insurance card must be provided to athletic training prior to beginning with the team.

NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse

In order to compete at the Division I level you must be cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center. This requires that you register with the Eligibility Center and send some academic information for them to review. This DOES NOT have to be done until after the tryout period.


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