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Women's Tennis

Carnegie Mellon Invite

2012-13 Duquesne Tennis
09/07/12 -- Carnegie Mellon Invite
Carnegie Mellon Invite
09/07/12 at Pittsburgh, PA

Singles competition
   Lucie Rey (California (Pa.)) def. Sarah Shashura (Duquesne) 8-5
   Lucie Sipkova (California (Pa.)) def. Megan O'Sullivan (Duquesne) 8-3
   Jade Pondicas (California (Pa.)) def. Kasey Love (Slippery Rock) 8-3
   Judy Li (Duquesne) def. Elisabeth Yetiskul (Slippery Rock) 8-2
   Daniela Osio (Duquesne) def. Samantha Bruggeman (Slippery Rock) 8-1
   Alexandra Borgenhof (California (Pa.)) def. Laurence Lambert (Duquesne) 8-1
   Abbey Hamstra (Carnegie Mellon) def. Janelle Krantz (Slippery Rock) 8-4
   Angela Pratt (Carnegie Mellon) def. Paula Gruber (Duquesne) 8-4
   Ramona Czakon (California (Pa.)) def. Jana Motie (Carnegie Mellon) 8-1
   Alexa Miller (Duquesne) def. Lydia Utkin (Carnegie Mellon) 8-3
   Christina Brant (Carnegie Mellon) def. Courtney Gallagher (Slippery Rock) 8-2
   Alrissa Tobe (Duquesne) def. Lauren Coggins (Slippery Rock) 8-1
   Maria Mastromarino (Duquesne) def. Samantha Bruggeman (Slippery Rock) 4-0
   Lucie Rey (California (Pa.)) def. Megan O'Sullivan (Duquesne) 8-5
   Lucie Sipkova (California (Pa.)) def. Judy Li (Duquesne) 8-2
   Sarah Shashura (Duquesne) def. Jade Pondicas (California (Pa.)) 8-4
   Alexandra Borgenhof (California (Pa.)) def. Elisabeth Yetiskul (Slippery Rock) 8-2
   Laurence Lambert (Duquesne) def. Kasey Love (Slippery Rock) 8-4
   Brooke Tsu (Carnegie Mellon) def. Janelle Krantz (Slippery Rock) 8-3
   Chelsea Motie (Carnegie Mellon) def. Paula Gruber (Duquesne) 9-8
   Elizabeth Martin (Carnegie Mellon) def. Alexa Miller (Duquesne) 8-2
   Abbey Hamstra (Carnegie Mellon) def. Alrissa Tobe (Duquesne) 8-5
   Jana Motie (Carnegie Mellon) def. Lauren Coggins (Slippery Rock) 8-1
   Ramona Czakon (California (Pa.)) def. Angela Pratt (Carnegie Mellon) 8-2
   Daniela Osio (Duquesne) def. Alexandra Tapak (Carnegie Mellon) 8-1
   Lucie Rey (California (Pa.)) def. Katie Cecil (Carnegie Mellon) 8-6
   Alexandra Borgenhof (California (Pa.)) def. Bryn Raschke (Carnegie Mellon) 8-1
   Ramona Czakon (California (Pa.)) def. Lydia Utkin (Carnegie Mellon) 6-0
   Brooke Tsu (Carnegie Mellon) def. Jade Pondicas (California (Pa.)) 8-1
   Courtney Gallagher (Slippery Rock) def. Maria Mastromarino (Duquesne) 8-5
   Lucie Sipkova (California (Pa.)) def. Elizabeth Martin (Carnegie Mellon) 6-2

Doubles competition
   Sarah Shashura/Chandler Consonery (Duquesne) def. Chelsea Motie/Bryn Raschke (Carnegie Mellon) 9-8
   Jade Pondicas/Ramona Czakon (California (Pa.)) def. Katie Cecil/Abbey Hamstra (Carnegie Mellon) 8-2
   Daniela Osio/Maria Mastromarino (Duquesne) def. Samantha Bruggeman/Courtney Gallagher (Slippery Rock) 8-2
   Brooke Tsu/Lydia Utkin (Carnegie Mellon) def. Kasey Love/Janelle Krantz (Slippery Rock) 8-5
   Elizabeth Martin/Jana Motie (Carnegie Mellon) def. Paula Gruber/Alexa Miller (Duquesne) 8-5
   Lucie Sipkova/Lucie Rey (California (Pa.)) def. Judy Li/Megan O'Sullivan (Duquesne) 8-6
   Jade Pondicas/Ramona Czakon (California (Pa.)) def. Kasey Love/Janelle Krantz (Slippery Rock) 6-0
   Lauren Coggins/Elisabeth Yetiskul (Slippery Rock) def. Daniela Osio/Maria Mastromarino (Duquesne) 7-5
   Katie Cecil/Abbey Hamstra (Carnegie Mellon) def. Sarah Shashura/Chandler Consonery (Duquesne) 6-2
   Laurence Lambert/Alrissa Tobe (Duquesne) def. Alexandra Tapak/Angela Pratt (Carnegie Mellon) 8-4
   Brooke Tsu/Lydia Utkin (Carnegie Mellon) def. Laurence Lambert/Alrissa Tobe (Duquesne) 6-3

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