Two Dukes Compete at Track & Field NCAA Regionals
Melissa Stewart
Melissa Stewart

May 31, 2003

Two Dukes earned spots in the 2003 Track & Field Regionals this weekend with Melissa Stewart (discus) and Erica DaCosta (javelin) representing Duquesne.

They earned the regional slots by hitting NCAA qualifying marks during the regular season.

Stewart led the way taking 18th overall in the discus throw hitting 146' 11" in her field of 27 competitors.

DaCosta finished 22nd in her field of 26 with her distance of 129' 0".

Complete Discus Results

Women Discus Throw
 3 Flights - Advance top 9 plus ties to a reverse order final.
 Use Rule 7.1.4 to establish first 8 distinct final places.
 15 minutes warm-up for each flight, 15 minutes before finals.
    American:   69.44m  4/27/2002   Suzy Powell, Stanford TC
College Best:   67.48m  4/26/1981   Meg Ritchie, Arizona
   NCAA Meet:   64.26m  6/5/1999    Seilala Sua, UCLA
Bernie Moore:   62.28m  1983        Meg Ritchie, Arizona
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Rachel Longfors           SO Florida                 55.15m    10
      55.15m  44.93m  54.85m  52.89m  FOUL  FOUL
  2 Dayana Octavien           JR S. Florida              54.40m     8
      54.40m  50.36m  49.76m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  3 Deshaya Williams          SR Penn St.                53.34m     6
      53.22m  FOUL  FOUL  49.76m  52.06m  53.34m
  4 Makiba Batten             SR Florida St.             53.16m     5
      53.16m  52.65m  48.86m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  5 Erin Compton              SR Marshall                52.12m     4
      47.43m  46.62m  52.12m  48.12m  FOUL  45.91m
  6 Dore DeBartolo            SR Florida                 51.12m     3
      FOUL  51.12m  48.83m  49.05m  49.08m  50.22m
  7 Christen Clemson          FR Penn St.                51.10m     2
      48.03m  42.37m  51.10m  44.94m  48.79m  45.26m
  8 Marija Kurtovic           FR North Carolina          50.50m     1
      50.50m  50.05m  FOUL  49.54m  49.47m  46.43m
  9 Eliese Mitchell           SR Virginia                50.12m
      50.12m  47.77m  46.60m  48.38m  44.42m  FOUL
 10 Johvonne Hernandez        SO Syracuse                48.68m
      48.68m  FOUL  48.21m
 11 Allyson Criner            FR North Carolina          48.36m
      45.94m  48.36m  48.01m
 12 Jill Pedretti             JR North Carolina          47.73m
      40.35m  47.73m  FOUL
 13 Christine Heffernan       SR Villanova               47.36m
      45.74m  43.40m  47.36m
 14 Kelly Smoke               SO NC State                47.23m
      47.23m  46.96m  46.33m
 15 Amy Parkosewich           SR Connecticut             46.33m
      46.33m  FOUL  45.92m
 16 Amber Campbell            JR Coastal Carolina        46.27m
      46.27m  44.89m  46.02m
 17 LaShana Poole             SR App. State              46.18m
      46.18m  45.58m  FOUL
 18 Melissa Stewart           FR Duquesne                44.79m
      FOUL  36.52m  44.79m
 19 Simone Parker             FR Georgia Tech            44.02m
      38.10m  FOUL  44.02m
 20 Stacey Nadolny            SO Cornell                 43.59m
      38.60m  43.00m  43.59m
 21 Kristal Kostiew           JR Vermont                 43.57m
      FOUL  FOUL  43.57m
 22 Lexi Benamati             JR Penn St.                43.31m
      FOUL  38.20m  43.31m
 23 Michelle Guidici          SR UNC-Wilmington          41.23m
      41.23m  FOUL  FOUL
 24 India Odum                JR S. Carolina             38.37m
      FOUL  38.37m  FOUL
 25 Nadine Clarke             SR Bethune-Cookman         38.17m
      38.17m  FOUL
 -- Sara Fields               JR Army                      FOUL
 -- Keri Groover              SO S. Carolina               FOUL

Complete Javelin Results

Women Javelin Throw
 3 Flights - Advance top 9 plus ties to a reverse order final.
 Use Rule 7.1.4 to establish first 8 distinct final places.
 15 minutes warm-up for each flight, 15 minutes before finals.
    American:   59.64m  5/30/2002   Serene Ross, Purdue
College Best:   60.26m  5/6/2000    Angeliki Tsiolakoudi, Texas-El Paso
   NCAA Meet:   60.24m  6/3/2000    Angeliki Tsiolakoudi, Texas-El Paso
Bernie Moore:   55.10m  2000        Emily Carlsten, Florida
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Krista Woodward           FR Georgia                 51.29m    10
      45.33m  47.05m  51.29m  46.94m  46.25m  48.87m
  2 Brianne Johnson           SR Penn St.                49.34m     8
      45.08m  49.34m  FOUL  44.73m  FOUL  46.57m
  3 Karen Wyzykowski          FR North Carolina          48.68m     6
      46.98m  46.29m  48.68m  43.27m  47.81m  44.60m
  4 Lauren Barrett            FR Lehigh                  47.82m     5
      43.79m  44.01m  41.73m  42.75m  37.52m  47.82m
  5 Ashley Colley             SO Penn St.                47.56m     4
      44.99m  47.56m  46.01m  45.16m  42.54m  45.92m
  6 Brooke Freeburg           JR Providence              46.70m     3
      44.00m  46.70m  45.11m  40.67m  44.89m  42.94m
  7 Julie Siebert-Johnson     SR Pennsylvania            46.34m     2
      41.43m  46.34m  45.04m  42.61m  44.02m  45.03m
  8 Jen Austin                JR Rutgers                 44.00m     1
      44.00m  FOUL  FOUL  PASS  PASS  PASS
  9 Anne Bobiak               SO Virginia                43.95m
      42.98m  43.95m  FOUL  40.26m  FOUL  43.14m
 10 Lauren Primerano          SR Manhattan               43.63m
      43.63m  42.22m  41.22m
 11 Krystel Pabey             SO E. Carolina             43.22m
      41.00m  41.40m  43.22m
 12 Amelia Williams           SO Maine                   43.11m
      41.98m  43.11m  39.24m
 13 Melinda Foster            JR Rutgers                 43.05m
      37.84m  43.05m  42.81m
 14 Jennifer Haigh            SR Rhode Island            42.38m
      40.88m  40.85m  42.38m
 15 Jill Knopsnyder           FR Pittsburgh              42.28m
      42.28m  37.13m  36.93m
 16 Nadine Clarke             SR Bethune-Cookman         41.01m
      41.01m  40.52m  39.54m
 17 Kai Ivory                 JR Pennsylvania            40.81m
      40.81m  35.28m  32.61m
 18 Christie Schreckengost    SO UNC-Wilmington          40.74m
      40.74m  39.98m  38.80m
 19 Courtney Lenart           FR Robert Morris           39.92m
      38.38m  39.04m  39.92m
 20 Sarah Herskee             SR Cornell                 39.69m
      36.37m  37.27m  39.69m
 21 Alexandra Petrone         JR Harvard                 39.52m
      39.52m  FOUL  38.80m
 22 Erica DaCosta             JR Duquesne                39.33m
      39.33m  38.23m  37.65m
 23 Yasmin Deliz              SR Lehigh                  38.86m
      36.79m  38.66m  38.86m
 24 Kathleen Chen             JR Boston Univ.            36.78m
      36.78m  36.14m  34.44m
 25 Christine Heffernan       SR Villanova               34.94m
      FOUL  FOUL  34.94m
 -- Kristen Eash              SO Penn St.                  FOUL




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